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Woof Woof, I’m Peanut, a maltese mix and the Chief Puppy Officer of Peanut’s Pals Doggie Daycare in Edmonds, WA. Whenever my Mommy (Maria as the human folks call her) would leave me at home because of work, time with friends, errands etc. I would sit by the window with my saddest puppy eyes and wait for her to come back. I was so lonely without her.

My Mommy decided enough was enough. The worry and guilt when leaving me was too much. So she looked into something called doggie daycare. A place for dogs to romp, socialize, and be loved while their owners are away. She wanted a home-like environment that catered to my needs as a small dog. Her search resulted in discovering that small dogs did not have many places that catered to them, it was all about the big dogs. Instead of settling or going back to the everyday heartbreak of leaving me alone, my Mommy decided to venture into starting a dog daycare just for us little ones.

On my 10th birthday (May, 2010) Peanut’s Pals Doggie Daycare opened it’s doors. Providing daycare and boarding for dogs under 20 lbs. This was the best birthday present ever. I get to be with my Mommy all day and pal around with other small dogs while their parents are away. Lucky for my pals my Mommy has a really big heart and loves them just like their Mommy and Daddy.

Oh, and you know what is great about our daycare and boarding center? We’re located in the Firdale Village Shopping Plaza. Right across the parking lot from my favorite place (well now 2nd) in the whole world, The Dining Dog; along with having a show certified dog groomer, dog wellness and conditioning facility, and dog therapy pool all within the shopping plaza.

Come pal around with me, have a sleepover, or just stop by and say, “woof woof”.