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We know smaller dogs have different needs than the big dogs, so we have created a special place just for them.

Dogs are social animals and love to be around other dogs and people. A bored dog can become anxious and demanding, and may engage in destructive or unhealthy behaviors. We are here to provide your small dog with the canine and human companionship they want and need while you’re away for all or part of the day.

As one of our pals your dog will play with other small dogs in a safe, nurturing, and fun environment. Couches, mirrors, dog beds (not cots) fill our space, along with TV and stereo.

We have an abundance of toys, play doggie movies and take your dog on outings. Our staff rarely tires from petting, brushing and belly rubbing (and some dog kisses!).

If you want to check in with your precious pup while away, we can arrange a video chat with your furry baby via SKYPE for an additional $5 per call.

During your little one’s stay we can also arrange a bath, bath/tidy (includes teeth brushing, nails, ears, and anal glands), or a full groom with the show groomer upstairs, so you can take your baby home all fresh and clean.

Please review our policies thoroughly to determine if your doggie can enjoy the Peanut’s Pals Doggie Daycare experience.

Daycare Rates

Hourly $7.00
Full Day Rate
Daily $28.00
Full Day Passes
5-day Pass $130.00 Exp. 45 days
10-day Pass $240.00 Exp. 45 days
15-day Pass $345.00 Exp. 60 days
20-day Pass $400.00 Exp. 90 days
Half Day Rate4.5 hours or less per visit.
Half Day $18.00
Half Day Passes
5-Half Day Pass $85.00 Exp. 45 days
10-Half Day Pass $165.00 Exp. 45 days
15-Half Day Pass $240.00 Exp. 60 days
20-Half Day Pass $300.00 Exp. 90 days