Tailored Pet Services (TPS) has been in business since May 2011 and was founded to deliver loving, attentive and compassionate care to furry babies.

Check out some of our small canine boarding clients below:

How does TPS provide vacation care for small dogs?

 In-home boarding is different from a boarding facility because your dog lives with us in our home. We follow your furry babies regular routine (i.e. feeding schedules, bathroom breaks, grooming necessities, and daily exercise requirements) so they stay relaxed while you’re gone. It is a very exclusive service because only 1-2 dogs from the same household stay with us at one time.

Each dog has different needs and requirements so we have two in-home boarding options to choose from:

  1. Living in a home with no other pets—ideal for dogs who aren’t spayed/neutered or don’t get along with other pets
  2. Companionship with owner’s two cats and two dogs— perfect for social dogs


In both scenarios, your furry babies will be able to explore freely like in your own home. We encourage our furry guests to relax/nap on the couches and utilize the floor for playtime. On warm days, we’ll spend time in the fenced back yard so they can enjoy the outdoors. At bedtime, your dogs can to snuggle on the master bed or sleep in a dog bed on the floor like they would in your own home. For peace of mind during your vacation, we’ll update you via text or email so you can spend your time relaxing rather than worrying about your dogs.

Watch the video below to get a first-hand look at what happens during a home boarding visit:

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